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Title: Exhibit Specialist

Reports To: Production Manager

Job Summary: This position will cover three different areas. The first and primary job will be as and Exhibit Specialist in the shop. The second will be as a part-time painter as needed. The third will be to assist the logistics department as needed.

Responsibilities and Duties:

  • Ensure  that the projects assigned to you are completed in a quality manor and with in the time requirements needed for each project
  • The construction and repairs needed for each project
  • Cooridinating all departments that are involved with your projects including Rental, Graphics, Highmark, and Portables.
  • Maintain the proper records necessary for each project. This may include work-orders, material pull lists, paint requests, and shipping and receiving files.

  • Apply a quality paint job as needed
  • Document and record the items painted and the colors of paint

  • The loading and unloading jobs from trucks when needed

Position Requirements:

  • Exhibit Specialist- Have the ability and knowledge necessary to complete any given project on the shop floor.
  • Part-time Painter- Have the painting capabilities needed to paint a wide range of projects.
  • Logistics Assistant- Be able to properly handle the paper work used in loading and unloading of trucks. A high level of skill when operating a forklift.